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Arbrecare consultants is owned and managed by Jonathan Griffiths. The aim of consultancy is to bring an understanding and amelioration of trees and their value within the urban environment.

The consultancy has proven successful over the years in managing a wide range of private clients, private estates and working with both architects and Mairies.

Jonathan has been working with trees for over 35 years as an arborist in the Botanical garden in Lund Sweden, managing the vast tree population of central London and as a consultant arborist here on the Côte d’Azur since 1991.

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Jonathan is a member of:

Arboricultural Association UK
International Society or Atboriculture USA
International Dendrological Society
Societé Arboriculture Francais

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Carbon Sequestration

 i-Tree: Assessing the environmental benefits of trees on golf courses.

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